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SKU: KP-FN-020

The Lotus nozzle is a tri-tier, multiple clear stream jet type. From decorative indoor applications to large, powerful outdoor use, the lotus nozzle provides the most elaborate display from a single nozzle available. The Lotus nozzle is typically used alone, with colored or white lights, to produce a sparkling, dazzling effect. Each Comet jet is adjustable 24 (12 off center) for precise aiming. The small Vulcan is ideal for residential pond to the large natural ponds.

Made from Brass

Not water level Dependent

Inlet Size (N.P.T): 1.5" female
Spray Height (feet) Volume (GPH) Water Spread (Inches)
5 1700 adjustable
7 3000 adjustable
9 4000 adjustable
15 7500 adjustable

Video - Lotus

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