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My Ugly Planter

by Nadia Marchese 10 May 2023 0 Comments

You walk by them every day, you may not be consciously aware of how appalling they really are, but onlookers are – Your Ugly Planters.

We have all seen them and many of us have had a set of our own, the rusted cast iron urn, the discoloured, old concrete, the faded, cracked plastic – and let us not forget the tipped over wooden barrel- that’s right, it is no longer considered ‘unique’ or ‘creative’. Perhaps they were given to us, we found a good deal, or we just never thought to update, the fact remains - they are ugly and it is time to let them go!

Planters blend in with building and lack bold design, Neglected planter with uninspired red geraniums and Typical Iron Urn with beginnings of rust and damage
Left: Planters blend in with building and lack bold design Center: Neglected planter with uninspired red geraniums Right: Typical Iron Urn with beginnings of rust and damage

Think Clean and Bold for Your New Planter

To create that magazine look of a fresh new planter, pay attention to the common details – Bold Colour and Clean lines: steer clear of heavy detail or mixed colouring and look for a planter with a deep colour like black or brown. Deep colours contrast with most house colour schemes and provide a bold backdrop for any planting arrangement.

Get a Professional Look at a Fraction of the Cost

You see a picture in a magazine or a neighbours’ planter that you love and wonder - how do I get that look? Most of the time height< and vibrant plants are the key distinguishing elements. Create height using branches or a fountain grass and for your trailing plants use hardy greenery like ivy or potato vine that maintain their beauty from spring to fall. Handy Trick - Wellesley from Pots and Plants recommends mixing in a few artificial plants to keep that vibrant look all season with less maintenance.

Many people will save their old planters or opt for cheaper material, believing they are saving themselves money – instead - choose a durable material that will last longer than one winter season and be rewarded with lasting beauty and money saved in the long run. Gardenstone’s concrete planters come with a 5-year warranty and are beautifully styled. Looking for a lighter material? Veradek is an eco-friendly and weather-resistant choice for indoor and outdoor.

Gardenstone Prado Planter
Gardenstone Prado Planter

You Don’t Need Plants!

Try using branches instead of a floral arrangement for a look that really shows of the planter. Bonus – no watering required!

Placement and Groupings

Instead of a boring flower bed beside your front patio, consider grouping planters of varying heights for a clean look that is easier to maintain. Or, incorporate planters within flower beds, as a unique option.

For Those Lacking the ‘Green Thumb’

Not interested in designing an arrangement? There are planting services that create beautiful arrangements for each season and can even water your arrangements for you! You can also purchase a ‘ready-made’ arrangement that compliments your planter style and size. For a professional look that is easy, try planting a simple boxwood or even an artificial evergreen on its own for a statement look.

Gardenstone Lido and Prado Planter
Gardenstone Lido and Prado Planter
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