Oase SwimSkim Pond Skimmer

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SKU: OAS/50040
  • The SwimSkim surface skimmer will do the hard work for you! It offers strong suction, does not require a separate pump and is ideal for retrofitting. Its powerful suction cleans a pond surface (coverage up to 270 square ft.). The SwimSkim floats along the surface of your pond, removing large debris. It is easy to use - just plug it in and drop it in your pond. It automatically adapts to any water level (from a 16 inch water depth). The integrated aerator oxygenates your pond. Because the SwimSkim does not require a separate pump, it's compact design makes it ideal for retrofitting and allows for flexibility when water level fluctuates. While pond inhabitants do pollute the water, the environment surrounding the pond is also a major contributor. The aesthetic value of a pond is sometimes hampered by debris - pollutants can float on the surface and cloud your view. The SwimSkim rids your pond of pollen, leaves, debris, particles and dust, which are also a major burden to a pond's ecosystem. The SwimSkim surface skimmer is designed to float around and draw debris from the surface of the water for a prettier view and a healthier pond.
  • The easy-to-use SwimSkim is a powerful surface skimmer that floats along the surface of ponds up to 270 ft2 removing debris.
  • The compact SwimSkim easily integrates into an existing pond, automatically adapting to any water level (from 16 in. water depth).
  • The accumulated debris can be easily removed using the leaf basket.
  • Integrated aerator oxygenates your pond while skimming the surface.
  • The unique skimmer flap, directed to the inside, generates powerful suction and sucks up leaves and other surface debris.

  • Dimensions 13 x 12 x 10 in.
    Flow Rate 580 GPH
    Power Cable Length 15 ft.
    Strainer Basket Size 55 cubic inches
    Power Consumption 40 watts
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