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The UVC technology in Bitron C clarifiers help ensure consistently clear and healthy water by flocculating microscopic green algae that are the main contributors to green unsightly pond water. Once flocculated, the algae clumps are removed from circulation by the filter. This controls the occurrence of algae and reduces the effects of harmful by-products from algae decomposition.

  • Bitronic C UV Clarifiers, with patented self-cleaning technology, provide high level efficiency due to longer water dwell times (time in which the water is in contact with UV light);
  • Features like irradiation capacity, water dwell time and thorough mixing help to clean the green out of water of the pond;
  • Optimize water flow through the UVC chamber with adjustable flow controls;
  • Safely confirm that the UVC is working with the visual inspection window at the top of the filter;
  • Quick release provides easy UV unit opening and closing for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass;
  • Automatic cleaning rotor continuously glides around the quartz glass tube and prevents debris from settling, minimizing cleaning time;
  • Bitron C UV Clarifiers are best suited for working in conjunction with OASE flow-through filters, BioSmart and BioTec;
  • The Bitron C 55 includes a 55W UVC bulb and 15 ft. power cord;
  • The Bitron C 110 includes a 110W UVC bulb and 15 ft. power cord;
  • When properly sized, paired, and registered online, this product qualifies for the Clear Water Guarantee;
  • Included 2 year warranty.
Specs Bitron 55 C Bitron 110 C
Dimensions 24 x 7 x 7 in. 29 x 9 x 8 in.
Rated voltage 110-120V / 60 Hz
Power consumption 55 watts 110 watts
Power cable length 15 ft.
Net weight 8.88 lbs. 14.33 lbs.
UVC power 55 watts 110 watts
UVC bypass Manually
Min. Flow Rate 2000 gph 3000 gph
Max. Flow Rate 8000 gph 11000 gph
No. of outlets 2
Outlet size 1, 1.25, 1.5 in.
No. of inlets 1
Inlet size 3/4, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2 in.
Max. operating pressure 7.25 psi / 17 ft. of head 14.5 psi / 34 ft. of head
Suitable for ponds up to max. 18000 gal 36000 gal
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 9000 gal 18000 gal
Suitable for ponds with koi 4500 gal 9000 gal
Warranty 2 Years
Downloads Manual & Safety Information
Part Number 56936 57101

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