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A pulsating Hemi-sphere of water bells of water that rises above the water level on a stand up to 48 high. When not in use as a water feature, the Hemi-Sphere appears sculptural. Ideal for retail, foyers, and areas which are free of wind or place within a large basin. Also used in water park settings. Breathtaking when illuminated. Nozzles are easily cleaned, individually adjustable (for water thickness) and removable.

Made of Brass or Stainless Steel

Not water level dependent.

Video - Dandelion


Brass or Stainless Steel

  • Size: Diameter 51 cm with 16 arms
  • Inlet: Female 1"
  • Volume Needed: 3500 GPH
  • Threaded Pipe/Stand Optional


Stainless Steel only


Brass or Stainless Steel

  • Size: Diameter 96 cm with 32 arms
  • Inlet: Female 2"
  • Volume Needed: 5500 GPH
  • Threaded Pipe/Stand Optional