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SKU: KP-FN-026

Geyser nozzles are widely used in architectural fountains due to their high visibility and good wind resistance. Moderately hard in both appearance and audible impact, the Geyser is best used in large pools and outdoor applications where a noise masking water effect is desired. The Geyser nozzle is also a water level dependent type, and requires a controlled water level. Several Geyser nozzles can be placed in close proximity to create a striking picket fence effect

Water Level Dependent

PDF iconGeyser water level diagram

Inlet Size (N.P.T): 1.5" female

Spray Height (feet) Volume (GPH) Water Spread (Inches)
4 1800 12"
6 2600 18"
8 3200 23"
10 4200 32"
15 5500 38"
20 6200 45"