EZ-PRESS Filter Parts

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SKU: PT-01

# Description EZ-2000 EZ-3000 EZ-4000
1 Screws (2) Included with Cleaning Rods (3)
2 Handle PT-01 PT-01 PT-01
3 Cleaning Rods (2) PT-02 -A PT-02-B PT-02 -C
4 UV Ballast Assembly PT-04-B PT-04-B PT-04-C
5 UV Bulb PT-06-B PT-06-B PT-06-C
6 UV Sleeve PT-08-B PT-08-B PT-08-C
7 Clearning Indicator Assembly PT-09 PT-09 PT-09
8 Filter Lid Assembly PT-10-D PT-10-D PT-10-D
9A Connection Fittings (Ball Valve Set) PT-11 PT-11 PT-11
9 Connection Fittings (Hose Tail Adapter Set) PT-12 PT-12 PT-12
10 Diverter Assembly Included with Filter Lid Assembly (8)
11 Upper Plate PT-13 PT-13 PT-13
12 Center Tube PT-14-A PT-14-B PT-14-C
13 Lower Plate PT-15 PT-15 PT-15
14 Lower Plater Insert Included with Lower Plater (13)
15 Screws(1) Included with Cleaning Rods (3)
16 Internal O-Ring PT-16 PT-16 PT-16
17 Diverter Handle Included with Filter Lid Assembly (8)
18 Clamp Assembly PT-17 PT-17 PT-17
19 Foam Pad Set PT-18-A PT-18-B PT-18-C
20 Lid Gasket PT-19 PT-19 PT-19
21 Lower Filter Housing PT-20-A PT-20-B PT-20-C

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