EasyPro Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers

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  • These EPDM rubber air diffusers are incredibly strong and are ideal for pond aeration, circulation and destratisfying applications
  • Unlike air stones these diffusers are easy to clean
  • In testing they produce a slightly larger air bubble than air stones which translates into less oxygen transfer into the water, so for fish holding tanks, raceways, fish production ponds, etc. we recommend air stones
  • Barbed inlets have multiple size barbs, simply cut to fit the size tubing you are using
  • An excellent choice for pond and water garden aeration since they actually produce more circulation and water movement


Dimensions 1 1/2" diameter X 6" long
Inlet 1/4" - 3/8" barb
Recommended Air Flow (CFM) .4
Maximum Air Flow (CFM) 1.7


Dimensions 1 1/2" diameter 12" long
Inlet 3/8" - 1/2" barb
Recommended Air Flow (CFM) .9
Maximum Air Flow (CFM) 3.5