EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers

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EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers

Made to last and faster to install than any other spillway on the market!

  • A fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls
  • Ideal for use at beginning of streams and in block walls, pools and formal fountains
  • Extra strong vertical rib design creates a nearly indestructible diffuser

  • PDF iconWaterfall Diffuser Instruction Manual

    Waterfall Diffuser Video



    • Low profile design of 3 1/2" makes them easy to conceal
    • Load bearing design allows block to be stacked directly onto diffusers
    • Units have dual 2" inlets
    Dimensions 3.5" Profile, 16" Width
    Inlet Dual 2" FPT Inlets
    Recommended Flow Rate 1000 - 4000 gph



    • 23" wide - can be used in multiples for wider applications
    • Recommended flow rate of 25 to 100 GPM
    • Dual 2" inlets
    • Measures 23" wide x 14" deep x 31/2" tall
    Dimensions 23" W x 14" D x 3 1/2" T
    Inlet Two 2" fpt spinweld
    Recommended Flow Rate 1500-6000 gph

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