Creek-008 by Universal Rocks

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Creek-008 by Universal Rocks (Artificial Stone)

Product Code: CREEK-008

There is nothing more relaxing than a natural creek in nature to help you relax. If you are not so fortunate to have one of these in your back yard you can create your own small effect of running water with any or all of our creek formations. Using these pieces you can use them to run into a pond or even create them as a pond less water feature.

Don t be afraid to create 2 or more streams of water coming into your pond. These small creeks have been created to give that magic effect of running water into a Universal Rock pond or retrofitted to an existing pond you may have in your home.

Rock Mold originated from: Sydney, Australia


  • L 38" x W 21" x H 8.5"
  • Approx. weight: 12.10 lbs.
  • 350 gal. per hour pump
  • 1" fitting size
  • 1" tube size

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