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The Cascade Nozzle is the single most popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains through modern times. They can be used in a wide variety of ways to achieve spectacular effects. Whatever your plan or inspiration calls for, the Cascade can probably fill the bill. Cascade nozzles are used widely in architectural fountains, due to their high visibility and good wind resistance, exhibiting a very "hard" visual and audible impact suitable for large pools and outdoor applications where noise masking water effects are desired. The Cascade is water level dependent, and requires a controlled water level. In addition, opaque water walls are easily achieved when several nozzles are placed in close proximity.

Made of Brass

Water Level Dependent

PDF iconCascade Water Level Diagram

Video - Cascade


Inlet Size (N.P.T): 1" female
Spray Height (feet) Volume (GPH) Water Spread (Inches)
2 750 10"
3 900 11"
4 1000 17"
5 1200 24"


Inlet Size (N.P.T): 1.5" female
Spray Height (feet) Volume (GPH) Water Spread (Inches)
2 1400 10"
3 1750 15"
4 2000 19"