Aquascape Pond Detoxifier

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    Aquascape Pond Detoxifier 
    Aquascape Pond Detoxifier makes pond water safe for fish and plants, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your fish and less time worrying about them. Source water, including tap and well water, often contains chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals and it is important to eliminate any toxins in your pond water to ensure the health of your ecosystem. Pond Detoxifier removes and detoxifies chlorine, neutralizes ammonia, and detoxifies and chelates copper and heavy metals that can harm pond fish and aquatic plants. Pond Detoxifier also allows some metals, like iron, to be used as a fertilizer, helping your plants to thrive.


    • Makes pond water safe for fish and plants
    • Detoxifies chloramine
    • Neutralizes large concentrations of toxic ammonia
    • Easy-to-use pump top

    Dosing Instructions

    Calculate Pond Size: Length (feet) x Width (feet) x Average Depth (feet) x 7.48 = US Gallons
    How To: Add to the area with the most circulation. Use a full dose after a cleanout or water change of more than 50%. Use a half dose when adding water to the pond or if adding, transporting, or netting fish.
    Please Note: Water temperature should be a minimum of 32°F (0°C). Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature

    How-to Videos
    Turning Tap Water into Pond Water with Aquascape's Pond Detoxifier