Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Rocks Set of 3 Landscape Fountain Kit

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SKU: 58086

Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Rocks Set of 3 Landscape Fountain Kit is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Part Number: 58086

The Pagoda Fountain Rock Kit includes all that you will need to complete a beautiful water feature!

Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Rocks incorporate the sights and sounds of water to any environment by providing a unique, natural stone water feature that can be easily tied into any yard or landscape. This kit comes complete for a simple and professional installation.

Each stone is unique in shape, color, and texture and the layered formation of the stones creates a beautiful rippling effect as water runs back into the basin.The set contains one large, one medium, and one small rock, allowing for an aesthetically-balanced feature. Our Pagoda Fountain Rocks are core-drilled for easy installation and recessed for use with our Aquascape Fountain Accent Light. The kit includes the Large AquaBasin, Ultra 2000 pump and Kink-Free pipe for simple installation.

Kit includes:

  • Natural Pagoda Rock - Set of 3 (S, M and L)
  • (1) Large AquaBasin Water Reservoir 45"
  • (1) Ultra 2000 GPH Pump
  • 10-feet of kink-free pipe

Pagoda Rock Sizes*:

  • 9" Diameter x 9" H
  • 14" Diameter x 12" H
  • 16" Diameter x 14" H

*Each stone is a handcrafted so sizes will vary.

Approximate 3 Pagoda Stone Weight: 482 lbs.

Approximate Package Weight: 594 lbs.