Aquascape Firestone QuickSeam Pond Liner Repair Kit

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Firestone Quickseam Pond Liner Repair Kit
The Firestone Quick-Seam Pond Liner Repair Kit allows you to easily repair up to two holes in EPDM liner. Leaks can be frustrating and costly if left unrepaired. This kit provides everything needed for a quick and easy repair. Kit includes two 6" patches, a bottle of LVOC Primer, a scrubber pad, a patch roller, and disposable gloves.

Kit Includes

  • (2) 6" x 6" Quick Seam patches
  • (1) Bottle of LVOC Primer (2 oz. / 57 ml)
  • (1) Scrubber pad
  • (1) Patch roller
  • (1) Pair disposable gloves

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