Aquascape Black & Clear Silicone

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SKU: 22010
Part Number SKU: 22010 / 29186 / 82000

Aquascape Black & Clear Silicone 
Aquascape Black & Clear Silicone is ideal for sealing joints where liner attaches to filters, including the BioFalls® filter snouts and skimmer faceplates. It is important to properly seal water feature filters to effectively prevent costly leaks. Aquascape silicone is fish-safe, black in color, and easy to use.


  • Ideal for sealing joints where liner attaches to filters
  • Great for attaching BioFalls® and skimmers
  • Fish-safe
  • Black color; Clear color
  • 10 oz. tube ( Clear Silicone )
  • 4.7 oz. or 10 oz. tube ( Black Silicone )

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