Aquascape AquaJet Pumps

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AquaJet Pond Pumps 
AquaJet Pond Pumps are ideal for ponds up to 2,000 gallons. These all-in-one kits provide a stunning water fountain with the choice of three included fountain heads and an integrated diverter valve to supply water to a small waterfall, external filters, or spitting ornaments.


  • Ideal for use in ponds up to 1,200 gallons
  • Extremely energy-efficient mag-drive pump with fountain head attachment
  • Protective cage allows the pump to sit directly in ponds
  • Includes three fountain head options, diverter valve, riser stems and multi-hose fitting
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications:

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Aquascape AquaJet® Pond Pumps

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