Atlantic 3-Way Diverter w/ Flow Control

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SKU: ATL/73814

Triton 3-Way Diverter can split a single pump outlet into 3 separate lines and is the only manifold designed exclusively for pond-free fountain installations. The 1½” inlet will not restrict the flow of water into the manifold, thereby delivering maximum volume to each of the 3 outlets. True ‘ball’ style valves with removable handles enable independent flow adjustment of each outlet. The compact design makes it a perfect fit for installation in all pump vaults and fountain basins.

  • Model: TR3WAY
  • Dimensions: 53/8”L x 4½”W x 27/8”H
  • Inlet: 1½” FIPT
  • Outlet: (3) ¾” Inserts
  • Includes: (2) removable “T” handles

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