Aquascape Professional Grade Pond and Fish Net & Debris Skimmer Net

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Part Number SKU: 50000 / 50001

Professional Grade Pond Net & Debris Skimmer Net
The Aquascape Professional Grade Pond Net is a heavy-duty pond net designed for general maintenance and handling pond fish. Designed and built for professional pond maintenance crews, these nets feature a 3′ handle that collapses for easy storage. The durable, heavy-duty construction is able to handle large amounts of debris and ensures years of trouble-free use. The Professional Grade Pond Net features a soft, coarse mesh that will not damage fish fins and scales and a protective bottom strip prevents net damage during use. The rubber grip and lightweight frame help to maximize maneuverability and the nylon loop on the handle makes it easy to hang for storage.

  • Designed for general pond maintenance and handling pond fish
  • 3′ collapsible handle
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Soft, coarse mesh will not damage fish fins and scales
  • Protective bottom strip prevents net damage
  • Weight: 2 lbs